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CPU (Central Processing Unit) and Memory (RAM) are some of the core components that a computer needs to run. If they are low on resource, it will inevitably affect your system. The immediate solution would be to close down applications to reduce the strain on resources...

September 3, 2018

A Cloud Solutions has been designed to ensure Business Continuity even in the worst scenarios. There is a strict back-up regime where a full daily back-up is taken and kept for a rotating 30-day cycle.  A traditional back-up is also taken and the secondary IBM Storage...

July 9, 2018

With technology advancing every couple of months, purchasing hardware such as servers and storage is no longer cost effective. if you have hardware that you purchased 2-3 years ago, the current equivalent of that hardware will most likely be 10 times more powerful. Mo...

Overall the Cloud increases employees’ quality of life as they get to save money and time which they can then use to improve their social life i.e. they could treat themselves to a movie, sports events or even treat yourself to a little shopping spree. Embrace the tec...

According to a Gartner survey taken in 2016, nearly 48% of businesses in the UK are accessing or interfacing with cloud technology to some extent already.

If your business has moved to a cloud platform but is thinking of switching your finance software you shouldn’t on...

The products are designed to be different as each is primarily aimed at businesses which are at different stages of evolution. The benefit of highlighting the difference is that it can save immeasurable time as it diminishes the possibility of businesses selecting the...

August 9, 2016

This is a question that comes up in just about every demonstration when proposing to move from a Local Area Network (LAN) into a hosted cloud solution.

Let’s attack the issue of security from two perspectives:

Q: How secure is your data in your current LAN?

A: Probably n...

In today's blog we are discussing some of the common fears associated around moving your system into the cloud.

As with any change there will always be concerns and often it is difficult to separate the myths from the facts. We've outlined 5 main fears and why you shoul...

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Cloud Computing Solutions VS Self-Hosted Windows Remote Desktops / Terminal services

September 3, 2018

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