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September 3, 2018

A Cloud Solutions has been designed to ensure Business Continuity even in the worst scenarios. There is a strict back-up regime where a full daily back-up is taken and kept for a rotating 30-day cycle.  A traditional back-up is also taken and the secondary IBM Storage...

In addition to creating a strong password, it is imperative that people should learn how to safeguard it and use it wisely. This means: Change it often Keep it private. Never share it Never write it down anywhere And if unable to remember it, use a secure password man...

August 14, 2018

The Graphic Design Cloud uses a special NVIDIA Graphic card which is installed in our Data Centre and virtualisation software which includes graphics drivers for evert VM. As the work that would typically be done by the CPU is offloaded to the GPU, the user has a much...

August 7, 2018

It is vital that the Cloud provider holds the data in a safe environment. Cloudsis Data Centres are UK based with the primary data centre being in Croydon and the secondary data centre in Maidenhead. The site where the data centre is located comes with data centre mult...

According to a Gartner survey taken in 2016, nearly 48% of businesses in the UK are accessing or interfacing with cloud technology to some extent already.

If your business has moved to a cloud platform but is thinking of switching your finance software you shouldn’t on...

September 20, 2016

In the past 3 years the cloud has enveloped almost every corner of the business world, not least in the finance and accounting sector with players popping up such as Xero and Quickbooks, offering quick cloud access to software at low monthly prices.

At a sales pitch lev...

In today's blog we are discussing some of the common fears associated around moving your system into the cloud.

As with any change there will always be concerns and often it is difficult to separate the myths from the facts. We've outlined 5 main fears and why you shoul...

April 25, 2016

Welcome to the new Cloudsis blog where we hope to help you understand more about not only the Cloudsis solution but also the Pegasus Business Cloud software preloaded as standard in the Cloudsis solution - Pegasus Opera 3, Pegasus XRL and Pegasus CIS-.

So to begin we mu...

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Cloud Computing Solutions VS Self-Hosted Windows Remote Desktops / Terminal services

September 3, 2018

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