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August 12, 2019

With the prevalence of web-born cyber security threats such as ransomware, hacking and phishing, it is has become imperative for users to know how to be Cyber Secure.

Fortunately, there are numerous best practises that users can begin implementing in their day-to-day l...

The Cloudsis Cloud comes with state of the art security features that provide a high level of cyber security as well as firewall blockers and anti-malware. This minimises the risk of users falling victim to Formjacking as the built in security systems monitors for unsa...

January 14, 2019

It may have been the season to be jolly for a lot of us, but for Cyber Criminals the holiday season presents itself as prime hunting season. At this time of the year, many would have been looking forward to kicking back and enjoying the festivities, meaning that busine...

October 18, 2018

Main causes of a data breach: -    Poor or Outdated Standards This can include weak passwords, unpatched systems, and human error i.e. storing un-encrypted data on USB sticks that anyone potentially can have access to. -    Third-Party Dependencies  If you have a Clou...

Even the most advanced Network Security Solutions with Phishing, Virus and Spam blockers cannot stop 100% of the threats. It is vital for every organisation that employees are properly trained on how to identify cyber threats and how to deal with them.

September 24, 2018

Mining for Coin on your own can be a very long and costly process with key challenges such as elevated electricity bills and expensive computer equipment. This is because, the more devices you have working for you, the faster you can mine for coins due to the combined...

September 6, 2018

Network Security solutions help defend your business against a variety of network security threats such as viruses, spyware, ransomware and adware otherwise all known as Malware (Malicious Software). Malware can install itself through email and website visits without t...

August 17, 2018

Modern security systems such as the advanced Firewall, which is included in the Cloudsis Network Security Solution, can provide the visibility you need to identify and protect all devices connecting to the network. With constant monitoring to ensure these devices are b...

August 7, 2018

It is vital that the Cloud provider holds the data in a safe environment. Cloudsis Data Centres are UK based with the primary data centre being in Croydon and the secondary data centre in Maidenhead. The site where the data centre is located comes with data centre mult...

May 2, 2018

Over time, there will be increasing numbers of connected devices, collecting more and more data. This helps businesses stay relevant and understand their customers better, in order to improve products/services. On the flipside however, this brings with it more risks an...

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