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Cloudsis eliminates the barriers to the Cloud and makes the transition to Cloud Hosted Solutions for SME’s simple.



Cloudsis, the Cloud Division of Intsys UK, based in the UK, have been providing specialist Cloud solutions for SME’s since 2009.

Many SME’s recognise that the Cloud presents a tremendous opportunity for business to reduce costs, increase efficiency and security and provide the flexibility to work anywhere.

Cloudsis similarly recognised that SME’s could not easily migrate their local applications to the Cloud as the platforms available did not allow the flexibility to accommodate the nuances of their systems that may have evolved over many years – after considerable investment.

Large corporations are able to invest in their own bespoke Cloud platforms, however, the cost is prohibitive to smaller businesses.

As such, Cloudsis are unique as they provide a flexible integrated Cloud platform pre-configured for popular business software applications such as Pegasus Opera 3, Pegasus Capital, Sage Line 50, Sage Line 200 and Quickbooks.

In addition, they provide the flexibility required by SME’s by allowing complimentary applications to be installed on dedicated Cloud servers by your existing support providers or Cloudsis if required.

This means that Cloudsis can provide a complete Cloud solution for SME’s which replicates an existing locally installed, integrated IT system within our Cloud Infrastructure contained within UK located data centres.

Cloudsis make the process simple by focusing on the solution required by a business rather than the underlying IT technicalities, which have already been carefully considered in the design of the Cloud platform.

To complement any existing systems, Cloudsis also support a range of Cloud solutions including Cloud Email Archiving , VOIP and Internet Network Security.


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