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Zahara Invoice Express

Faster invoice-processing with built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Let the robots take the hard-work out of your invoice processing.

1. Email your invoices

Generate a unique email address in Zahara or use Microsoft Flow - all you need to do is have your invoices emailed into Zahara. You can even forward them. If you use Zahara for purchase orders, you can be very specific where you want your invoices sent, specifying the preferred address on the PO template.

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email invoces
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2. Invoices are matched with the suppliers & read

Once in Zahara, the invoice is matched with the supplier using the email address - we handle forwarded emails and dig a bit deeper to find the correct supplier email address. Signatures and terms documents are removed so you can work with just the invoices. The invoice inbox is the place to find all the invoices that need processing. From here, you can quickly and easily process them.

invoice match
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3. You check the invoice and save it

With the invoice fully read and all fields populated, including line items, you just need to check it, make any adjustments and send it on it's way. If it matches a Purchase Order, InvoiceExpress will bring over the PO line items so it's all fully coded and pre-approved. Both PO and non-PO invoices can be easily processed in Zahara. The line items are coded based on your previous behaviours but you can easily override them. Invoices can now be sent for approval or exported into the accounts system / marked for payment.

check invoice

4. Invoices can be approved by email

Zahara world-class workflows platform can be used to route the invoices to the right person for approval. It could be no approval is required and the invoice simply needs to be paid. Approvers can approve directly from their emails or from Zahara's Individuals Approval Dashboards. Once approved, suppliers can be emailed and the invoice exported.

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invoice approval

See how to post invoices with minimal keying

With Zahara Invoice Express you can automate invoice processing. In this video, we show you how to post an invoice in less than 30 seconds with minimal keying.

Opera 3 SE for white background low res.
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sage 200.png
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Seamless integrations

Zahara can be easily integrated with almost any Accounting Software and have also available connectors for some of the most popular systems. Including Pegasus Opera 3/SE, Xero, Quickbooks, Sage 50, Sage 200 & Exchequer.  We can also integrate Zahara with other ERP systems using the on-premise tool SmartSync. Contact us for further information.

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