Private Cloud

A private Cloud is a Cloud solution entirely dedicated to your company, with your own dedicated SAN and Gateway.  Greater levels of control and security as you have the ability to configure and manage it in line with your needs to achieve a tailored network solution.


Benefits of a Private Cloud


Organisation's data is tightly secured and controlled on servers that no other company has access too. The stand-alone nature of private cloud makes it a great choice for any business needing complete separation  from other companies


With a private Cloud you have more control of the underlying infrastructure.   Each organization has a set of technical and business requirements that usually vary according to company size, industry. Dedicated resources can support resource-intensive applications and processes. 


Private clouds can often offer enhanced and more predictable service availability for users. In a private cloud the network is more resilient to individual failures across the physical infrastructure

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If you are interested in a Private Cloud, contact us and a Cloudsis Specialist will get back to you to assess your requirements and advise on the best Cloud Solution for your company.

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