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Automate Invoice Processing

with our Cloud Purchase Requisition,

Purchase Order & Invoice Approval Solution

Cloudsis has teamed up with Zahara to offer their Cloud Purchase Management software easily integrated with the most used Accounting Packages. With this new solution, you can easily raise orders and carry out invoice approvals by email, create automatic invoice approval triggers as well as automate invoice processing and matching them with orders. As Zahara specialists, we will guide you through the implementation process.

Open Period Accounting

Add Control of your Spend to your accounting software

Whatever you buy, Zahara makes the buying process better. Purchase requests can be pre-approved & budgets can control spend. Dashboards give you a visual on what’s on order, what’s delivered and what’s waiting for approval. You can record supplier invoices & save the PDF’s. You can match invoices to PO’s and then import transactions into your accounts system. It’s fast to setup and fast to learn. Your employees will find it intuitive and helpful and Cloudsis can now integrate it with the most important accounting programs.

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Invoice Express

Purchase Invoice

Processing Automation

Email your invoices or ask your suppliers to invoice their invoices directly to your Zahara mail account. Zahara will automatically scan the pdf into the system and match it with the Supplier. With the invoice fully read and all fields populated, including line items, you just need to check it, make any adjustments and send it on it's way. If it matches a Purchase Order, InvoiceExpress will bring over the PO line items so it's all fully coded and pre-approved.

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It is all about Approvals

When colleagues need to buy they can raise a request and track its progress through the flexible, multi-layered approvals process you create. Purchase requests become purchase orders and corresponding invoices can be matched with exceptions being sent for approval when thresholds are breached. Invoices without PO’s can be routed to the right department and people for approval. The AP & Finance team will have more control and higher visibility of spend, enabling them to pay vendors faster, keeping budgets under control.



Zahara can be easily integrated with almost any Accounting Software and have also available connectors for some of the most popular systems. Including Pegasus Opera 3/SE, Xero, Quickbooks, Sage 50, Sage 200 & Exchequer.  We can also integrate Zahara with other ERP systems using the on-premise tool SmartSync. Contact us for further information.

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Why Clousis


Cloudsis blend their considerable expertise with Zahara and Accounting Software packages to provide all the services necessary to ensure Zahara is implemented to complement any existing or new system. 

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Considered Implementation 

All Zahara requirements are carefully considered to ensure that when configured it reflects any existing processing methods within Opera.

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All in one 

Cloudsis provide an All-in-one service including Consultancy, Installation of the interface tools, Implementation, Integration with your Accounting Software, and also provide Training Maintenance and Support services.

Built-in Spend Analytics

With Spend Analytics, you have a number of powerful features to help you understand the costs in your business. When purchase requests and invoices are recorded in Zahara, you will have accessible data for analysis that will provide the answers you need. The software has some built-in reports, can be integrated with Microsoft BI and we have an offline sync tool that can download all of your data into an Access database for individual querying and reporting. 

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Why Cloudsis?

Cloudsis are unique in the ability to provide all the necessary components for a successful Zahara implementation including the provision and support of the interface to integrate Zahara with Pegasus Opera 3 and Opera SE and other Accounting Packages. We offer a turnkey service to ensure that you can start using Zahara quickly and hassle-free.

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Buy on the move

  • Mobile App for buying on the move

  • Dedicated iOS and Android Apps

  • Raise "Quick orders" at trade counters

  • Snap receipts for expenses

  • See the status of your orders

  • Raise multi-line orders on your phone

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main features

Maximum Control

Sophisticated approvals

Zahara’s approvals have numerous conditions to help you create the perfect workflow, including:

  • Over-budget approvals

  • Price conditions - spend limits

  • Vendor or vendor type conditions

  • Originator

  • Project

  • Product

  • Custom field values e.g Opex / Capex / Real Estate

  • Order / Invoice Difference threshold


Automate Invoice Processing

Intelligently recognising and matching supplier invoices to your orders.

  • Scan paper invoices

  • Load emailed invoices - PDF's

  • Recognise all information intelligently

  • Self-learning - just click to correct the recognition

  • Match an order & see the % match

  • Option for no line-items

  • Split and allocate the invoice

  • Multi-currency

  • European & UK VAT

  • Export invoices & PDF's to Zahara

  • Save PDF's locally

  • Save PDF's to FileDirector fully indexed




Zahara integrates with your Accounts System


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Advanced Approvals

You can easily build your approval process so people are emailed or suppliers receive a copy of the purchase order once an approval is complete.
Approvers can approve by email on their mobile devices without logging in or through the dashboard. You can schedule to send a reminder email to all your approvers as often as you like and approvers can see how they perform compared to their colleagues.

Multi Currency


Regardless of where you are in the world – UK, USA, Euro zone, or South Africa, you can set your home currency and the default currency for each of your suppliers. When it comes to reporting, the figures are converted to your home currency, regardless of the currency your order or invoices are in. Each day we record the exchange rates so your orders are raised and linked to the value of the currency rate on that specific day.

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Invoice Matching & Filing

Once the invoice comes in for your order, you can quickly and easily file the PDF away together with the invoice details. You will obviously want to cut down on any keying into your own accounts system you can export CSV files for batch importing transactions or use one of our pre-set integrations. The key benefit here is a complete visual of the “purchase to pay” process – access to the order, access to any delivery information and a faster way of deciding whether a supplier invoice is valid. We hope the process compliments the way you do it at the moment, but it much more less-paper reliant.

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Invoice Approvals

You may only receive a couple of hundred invoices a month but still need to get them approved. Once entered you can send a supplier invoice off for approval. We make the keying as easy as possible with as few keystrokes as required. Approvers can be selected from a list or you can create as many approval workflows as you need. Your approvers can approve on the go, on their phones, and you will have a neat dashboard showing all of the invoices that are “green”, approved and ready to pay, or “orange” pending or “red” in query. When your volumes exceed 400 – 500 invoices a month – you will want to introduce our OCR technology to intelligently read supplier invoices

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Invoice Coding Approvals

As part of an invoice approval process, you may require the approver to code the invoice. You can select a coding approval and request the approver code the invoice with the project code, cost code or ledger code. Or all three. Or which-ever you need.

Invoice Automation

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As part of the document lifecycle, your suppliers will send you their invoice. Although you can record these invoices very quickly on the website, we also provide intelligent OCR software called SmartInvoice. SmartInvoice is Windows desktop software that will read and recognise an invoice matching it against any orders entered in the software. You can then post the invoice, file it on your network and import it directly into your Accounts System. Sounds complicated? It’s not. It’s fast, easy and affordable.

GRN Process

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If you are receiving goods against your orders, you can check them in using the GRN process. You can accept the order in full or specify part quantities. Once the order has been received in full, the order is complete.

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With all of this information at your fingertips, you will want to be able to download reports on spend and exceptions. We have several useful reports and will ad more over time.

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