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Cloud Virtual Desktop

Our Hosted Desktops enable companies to benefit from enterprise-grade IT, including centralized management together with robust back up and security systems, at much lower costs than those associated with a traditional, locally installed, server based IT. Services are all bundled together and delivered monthly per user on a low, affordable pay-as-you-go basis.

From £43 per user, per month

Cloud Virtual Desktop

We can add A Complete Virtual Desktop to your Cloud Apps. For the end user, the experience of using a hosted desktop is exactly the same as using a desktop PC – it looks, feels and behaves the same. It is just like a normal PC desktop except that applications and data are stored on your Cloud Server. As an integral Cloud Solutions provider we also provide support services which replace the need for an in-house traditional IT infrastructure and allows more flexible working.

Ready to try?

Experience the freedom to access data from any location at any time. Request a Free Trial and experience the Cloudsis Cloud for 5 days without commitment.

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