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Cloud Deployment

Our Cloud Specialists will assist before, during and after the migration to the cloud to make sure that is a seamlessly as possible.

Cloud solutions provider which provide

Expert migration

Expert migration to the cloud

Box Fresh Cloud Platform

Cloudsis - a "box fresh" Cloud Platform with all your chosen licensed applications pre-installed and

ready to go.

preparation for cloud migration

4. Preparation for the migration

Our Migrations Team will contact you to provide instructions on how to prepare all the cloud users for the migration day. We want to make sure that your local infrastructure will interact seamlessy with the cloud since minute one.

cloud migration

5. Migration

On the day of the migration the Migrations Team will require access to your existing server to transfer any necessary data to your new Cloud Server. Once the migration is completed they will provide you with the users log in details. Users will be able to start working in the cloud via

Cloud Support

6. Support after migration

Our dedicated Support Team will be always available to help you. We are proud to offer the quickest response time in the market. You can also benefit from help guides and other exclusive material available in our Support Portal where you can also log and manage your tickets.

assess platform requirements

1. Assess Platform requirements

Our cloud specialists will assess your software requirements and recommend the more adequate configuration of the Cloud platform to ensure best performance.

cloud quotation

2. Proposal/Quote

Once we know your requirements we will provide a proposal including the technical details as well as the monthly subscription cost.

build cloud server

3. Creation of the Cloud

After approval, our Migrations Team will create the Cloud Platform for you.

We have designed a pre-configured system which allows us to have your Cloud ready quicker than ever.

Ready to try?

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Delivery of your new Cloudsis Solution in less than 5 days

 Our system is ready for your organisation to immediately enjoy the benefits and the freedom of Cloud computing.

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