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Cloud Computing Solutions provider and hosted virtual desktops

Work from home

Don't let anything stop your business.

Move your system to the Cloud and let your employees work from home. Everything your business needs to keep working ready in a few days

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Application Hosting

Want to put your Business Applications in The Cloud? 

Host any business application on our secure servers in The Cloud. Simply Click on your chosen Application via a browser and away you go.

Cloudsis Cloud Solutions Provider

1. Configure your Cloudsis platform

Cloudsis Cloud

As your Cloud Solutions provider, we place your critical business applications in The Cloud, providing enhanced security, performance and reliability. 

Access your chosen application Anywhere, Anytime - just click on the App Icon via your internet browser. No more lost processing days because of travel disruption or unnecessary investment in expensive local IT servers.

Personalise your Cloudsis platform

The Cloudsis Cloud is pre-configured with the recommended resources however it can be personalised to fit your needs. If you are not sure contact us , a Cloudsis specialist will assess your system and advise on the recommended configuration according to your software requirements.

CPU cloud provider


Choose 2, 4, 6 or 8 CPU Cores depending on your software requirements

RAM Clud provider


Our standard system comes with 4GB of memory, however, this can be always increased

Hard Disk Cloud provider


The drive has 50 GB plus additional 10 GB per user but it can be increased at any time 

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Virtual Desktop Cloud Provider


Add the Desktop App to have an identical experience  to  your Windows PC

Cloudis Cloud Solutions Provider

2. Add Applications

Virtualise your Applications

Would you like to work in the cloud with your existing software?  You can virtualise your on-premise software and be able to use the applications from everywhere, anytime. 

Cloud Applications provider

Cloudsis Cloud Solutions Provider

3. Additional Cloud Solutions

Cloud Email Archiving

Cloudsis Email Archiver automatically retains securely in The Cloud all emails sent or received by your business.
This means that you can simply "read and delete" as emails can subsequently be retrieved selectively and simply thereby significantly reducing time managing emails. 

cloud email archiving provider
Skype for business provider


Voice over IP, works by allowing you to make telephone calls using your internet connection, giving users the ability to take their extension with them, making them available wherever they are. Integrated with Skype for Businesses.

Network Security

Protect your network with our award-winning Firewall software designed to balance performance and protection. Tackle malware, hacking attempts, phishing schemes and other exploits. See who’s doing what when on your local environment. Set policies by user, group, device, time and more. As your Cloud Solutions provider, we can also take care of your local infrastructure, to make sure your system is fully protected and maintained without the need for costly external IT support.

Network Securiy provider

Ready to try?

Experience the freedom to access data from any location at any time. Request a Free Trial and experience the Cloudsis Cloud for 5 days without commitment.

Contract Cleaning

We moved our whole system to the Cloud in order to capitalise on cost savings and reduce risk

A Warne

Shifting to a cloud-based approach have reduced risk, as well as improved visibility and cut costs


Deploying our software

in the Cloud, we are set to derive additional benefits in terms of cost savings, responsiveness and scalability


Delivery of your new Cloudsis Solution in less than 5 days

 Our system is ready for your organisation to immediately enjoy the benefits and the freedom of Cloud computing.

Book Cloudsis demo

Would you like an online demonstration of our Cloud solution?


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