Work From Home

Working from home can offer significant benefits to employers, employees and the environment. Recent studies shows that working from home can lead to increased productivity, better employee morale, higher talent retention rates and more.

Benefits to employees

Employees are MORE SATISFIED with their jobs

Stress-related to jobs is LOWER too

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Two-thirds WANT

to work from


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More satisfied and relaxed workers means better staff retention

Open Period Accounting

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Benefits to employers

Real estate savings £10,000/



Employers report a high impact on EMPLOYEES RETENTION


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75% Employees said:

"Working from home improved my life because I can work from anywhere"

What do you need?

Working from does not require complex equipment

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You will need a reliable internet connection.

Normally 3 – 5 megabits should be enough.


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MAC or Windows, it doesn't matter, you just need a machine with access to the Internet


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We set up everything for you in the Cloud

including your telephony system so you can work

Anytime, Anywhere

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Worried about Security?

Working from home should not compromise security.

Unlike some remote connections a Secure, Enterprise Level Cloud Solution like Cloudsis, will create a highly secure remote network with multifactor authentication, strict backup regimes, and advanced malware protection. Check our Security policy.

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Are you ready to start Working from home? We can help you!

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Start working from home in 3 steps


Contact Cloudsis to discuss your requirements


We build a cloud system to replicate your local environment


We migrate your data and applications to the Cloud

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