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Zahara Partner Program

Cloudsis and our Pegasus development partners have teamed up with Zahara to produce a Cloud procurement Solution for Opera 3 and SE. We are the exclusive distributor of the Zahara-Opera Interface Solution that allows seamless integration between Zahara and Pegasus Opera 3/SE. We are also specialised in providing Zahara services such us implementation, consultancy, training and support to help partners selling and integrating Zahara to their Pegasus or other ERP users.

A partnership with

great rewards

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We not only provide you with an extremely powerful tool to increase purchase control and expenses, automate invoicing, and increase your client's productivity but also we offer attractive sales models and margins without requiring any investment. Join Us and discover how much you can earn with Zahara. You can see our pricing for Partners in the Partners Area. 


Seamless Integration

with Pegasus Opera 3/SE

Cloudsis is the exclusive distributor of the Zahara-Opera Interface to Pegasus Partners. We also provide pre-sales and implementation services.  to help you sell this powerful application to your Pegasus Users. In our Partners Area you can find marketing material and technical information.

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Dedicated Fast Support

We provide our Partners with all the technical information and FAQs that covers most of the issues you may find so when supporting your clients. We also put at your disposal an exclusive  Dedicated Support Service for Partners with the fastest response times in the market to resolve any issue with the Zahara-Opera Interface. We also offer an optional prioritised support service for Zahara operational questions 

Partner Opportunities

We help you add value to your business solutions with Zahara, opening doors to significant revenue opportunities for our partners.

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In a fast-changing environment implementing a powerful solution like Zahara can help you retain your Pegasus Clients.

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Enjoy recurring attractive margins and incentives for selling our Zahara Solution to your existing or new clients. 


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Access the Partners Area where you can find sales, marketing and technical resources to help you develop your sales.

Virtual Desktop Cloud Provider


We offer a flexible range of services. We can provide only the interface for the integration with Pegasus or also services like implementation, training and support.

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