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5 Reasons why accountants should recommend the Cloudsis Accounting Software solution

With 65% of UK Accountancy practices already using or planning to use cloud accounting software in the UK marketplace, in this article we look at the reasons you should be recommending a cloud based accountancy software such as Pegasus Business Cloud from Cloudsis for your clients.

The cloud is enveloping our everyday life with users now getting over the unwarranted security fears of having their data “in the cloud”. A portion of everyone’s lives are currently sitting in the cloud, whether it be banking information, emails or social media information, the cloud is unavoidable.

So why recommend this for your clients? Here’s 5 quick reasons

1. Access Anywhere

Pegasus Business cloud from Cloudsis allows users the freedom to access their information from any internet enabled device, including MAC’s at any location. This frees up your most valuable resource – Time. It will also help with allowing your staff to strike that difficult life/work balance as they will be able to hot desk from any location easily and without fuss.

2. Its great for collaboration with clients

Accountants love having instant access to client data and this reduces lost time waiting for clients to send info into the office, with making Tax Digital increasing the pressure on accountants to deliver finished accounts in far shorter timeframes, proper collaborative working tools are essential.

3. It will save you money

Pegasus Business Cloud from Cloudsis affords you a way of producing known fixed monthly costs for your clients IT spend which can be a powerful tool in financial planning with small companies. With the ability to add users as companies expand and not be tied into lengthy agreements, you are in control of spend and are comfortably that you have the latest software and hardware at your fingertips without breaking the bank.

4. Fast setup and roll out to your customers

The system can be ordered and fully implemented within days, allowing you an immediate resource to your potential clients with the minimum of fuss. Imagine telling a new client you can have their new accounts package, on premise delivered within days of a first meeting for a fixed monthly fee. Simple.

5. Disaster Recovery

Another cost to any business is proper disaster recovery planning and implementation of backup routines and services. The Cloudsis solution is backed up fully on a 30 day rolling backup so your clients have instant peace of mind if disaster strikes.

To find out more about the benefit that Pegasus Business Cloud from Cloudsis can bring then please contact us on

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