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A beginners’ Guide to being Cyber Secure

With the prevalence of web-born cyber security threats such as ransomware, hacking and phishing, it is has become imperative for users to know how to be Cyber Secure.

Fortunately, there are numerous best practises that users can begin implementing in their day-to-day life to help them achieve cyber secureness:

Attachments Organisation must advise their users not to open any attachments or click on any links within an email unless they are absolutely certain that they recognise the sender and the attached file or link. A high percentage of all data breaches can be traced back to an email attachment or link. If you do however need to open email attachments, users must ensure that they do not have macros or executables enabled in their system. This will help prevent any unwanted trojans from automatically downloading themselves into your system.

Administrative Rights Organisation will have to make sure that only member of the IT team have administrative access on machines as they will be to differentiate between malware and legitimate system updates. This means that as a security precaution, individual users are not to be given Administrative rights on their machines unless it is necessary.

Data Back-Ups Businesses must ensure that all their critical data is backed up at least once a day in a recoverable, secure location that has infrastructure to protect it from cyber threats.

Updated systems IT teams must ensure that they update all the apps and systems that the users are using with the latest software patches. This will help prevent the business from being vulnerable due to outdates software systems.

Security Most important of all, organisation must invest in security systems that will ensure that every user, device and file are protected against cyber security threats. These systems can be in the form of firewalls which help protect systems against phishing, trojans, botnets and other malicious software. As cyberthreats are not going away any time soon, it is imperative that businesses implement the necessary cyber security to help prevent against any threats. Cloudsis has a Security solution that helps stop ransomware from ever reaching your users. This is all possible through an all in one solution that provides a network perimeter security that will stop hackers in their tracks, before they even reach your gateway.

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