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Is the Cloud the right solution for you?

What is the cloud?

In layman’s terms; cloud computing is computing based on the internet. Previously people ran applications/ programs/ desktops from software installed physically on their computer or server within their building. The Cloud Solution allows people access to the same kinds of hosted applications via the internet. For example, using online banking, Social media sites as well as emailing on the go; is the same as using Cloud Computing.

So why should you move to the cloud?


Your data can be at risk depending on how secure your local machine and/or network environment is. Data files used by Cloud Applications or Cloud Hosted Desktops are stored in remote, physically secure data centres where you can access it regardless of what has happened to your local environment. So in a case where your machine is lost or stolen, your data will still be secure as it will only be accessible to users with the correct cloud credentials.

Data Management

Cloud computing enables businesses to be constantly aware of where their data is being stored due to it having one central location, avoiding duplication of data located in different equipment difficult to monitor and protect. With Cloudsis, a Cloud Solutions provider, automatic 30 days back-ups are implemented into the system enabling disaster recovery that will save time and avoid additional business costs that will be incurred by the third party disaster recovery systems.

Operational Efficiency

The cloud also gives users the freedom to access their data from any location at any time, which in turn allows organisations to achieve truly flexible working, which then provides the potential for the best work/life balance. For example; imagine employee is unable to make it to work that day due to severe weather conditions, with Cloud Solutions that employee can still access all their work files from the comfort of their home therefore reducing the likelihood of losing working days. With cloud VOIP employees can also have their office extension on their mobile, laptop or IP phone.

As a specialist cloud solutions provider, Cloudsis has the ability to migrate your Opera 3 software to the cloud quickly and seamlessly.

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