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Microsoft announce price increases from April 2023

Microsoft have announced changes to their commercial pricing for Cloud products.

Microsoft have advised that they are "taking several steps to align the pricing of their Microsoft Cloud products globally, meaning customers will have consistent pricing reflecting the exchange rate of the local currency to the US dollar (USD). Starting April 1, 2023

The increase for UK products charged in GBP will be 9%

Microsoft has also indicated that "in the future, they will assess pricing in local currency as part of a regular twice-a-year cadence, taking into consideration currency fluctuations relative to the USD. This will provide increased transparency and predictability for customers globally and move to a pricing model that is most common in our industry."

You can see the official Microsoft announcement at the following link:

New pricing

The pricing changes announced by Microsoft will go into effect on April 1, 2023. These increases will apply globally with local market adjustments for certain regions

This will have a direct impact on some elements of the Cloudsis Cloud subscription pricing that will reflect in the April 2023 invoice.

Cloudsis clients will notice a small increase for the following commercial products:

  • Windows Server: +£2

  • Apps users: +£2

  • Full desktop users (including MS Office): +£5

  • Additional resources (space, memory, extra cores…): Unchanged

  • Cloud Email archiver services: Unchanged

  • VOIP services: Unchanged

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic: +£0.5

  • Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise: +£1

  • Office 365 E3: +£3

  • Office 365 E5: +£4

  • Microsoft Office 2019: +£2

  • SQL licences: unchanged

If you have any questions about the new prices that will be applied to your system from April 2023 please do not hesitate to contact us at


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