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New Year, New Threats?

It’s finally the new year and it is promising to be an exciting year as it is the start of a new decade. But while this New Year will surely have its uncertainties (if you're keeping up with the current events in the UK), one thing we can be most certain about is that cyber criminals are going to be upping their game with new tricks to try and steal your data and even your identity.

As such, we have put together a list containing some of the biggest Cyber Security Threats people may face in 2020.

Mobile Attacks

With the up and coming NEW 5G network, there will be a new wave of 5G compatible devices and a new wave of malware specifically designed to take advantage of any lacklustre security within the new devices.

As more people download more mobile applications due to the stronger Network and faster speed that 5G promises, the more damaging any malware that has managed to bypass the security becomes. This is because 5G network allows for devices to be interconnected as such enabling a chain reaction effect if one device were to be affected.

This makes mobile attacks more attractive to cyber criminals who will aim to infiltrate the 5G network when its still young and possibly at its most vulnerable.

Having your data stored within the Cloudsis Cloud means that you get an extra level of security on your mobile as the network security feature will help identify and block any threats that might have attached themselves to your network.

Ransomware Attacks

Like any other malware, ransomware has the possibility of slipping through the security cracks and encrypting all your data. This would force the user to either reset their machine, wait for the universal encryption key to be released or pay the ransom.