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Reasons why the Cloud is the smart choice

In light of the recent stories of major data breaches, businesses are probably wondering whether they will be better off doing the job of securing their data themselves. Although it is a well-known fact that Cloud Hosted Solutions are generally more convenient and easier to maintain which makes them more cost effective, there is always a concern as to whether or not joining the cloud means losing control of your systems. In addition to the benefits of Scalability, Affordability and Efficiency, cloud computing is still the more secure choice for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Here are the reasons why:

Expertise Cloud Solutions providers such as Cloudsis have extensive knowledge and experience working with cloud Hosted Software or SaaS (Software as a Service). Responsible for deploying multiple systems across a number of varying industries, cloud providers know all the security best practices from having first-hand experience with potential drawbacks. Being on the cloud means that SMEs benefit from high level knowledge and skills without employing an in-house team.

Cloud Data Centres Due to the compounded risk of hosting sensitive data on a cloud based solution, cloud providers generally spend more on reducing and preventing risk through defences that SMEs might find unaffordable. With the high number of competition for cloud Solution providers, providers will ensure that their data centres are held to higher account by acquiring certification programmes such as ISO 27001, 22316 and 9001 among others. Typically, cloud providers hold more accreditations for their systems and services than their own customers in their own networks, as such they are always keen to show off their credentials.

So is the cloud a secure choice? Yes. With cloud computing you not only get more value for your money, you also get to rest easy with the knowledge that your data is in a safe and secure environment.


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