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  • Cloudsis Cloud Team

How can the Cloud help your business reduce the carbon footprint?

Did you know, the average person’s commute and business travel generates about 1000kg of CO2 per year. Our car, bus and train travel reduced dramatically in 2020 due to the pandemic, and whilst more of us are walking and cycling is this enough?

Reducing our carbon footprint has never been so important, and now is the time to review our impact on the planet and make adjustments where we can. By moving to cloud solutions we can free up office space, reduce waste and cut the costs of business overheads.

Working from home is even easier with our hosted desktops and hosted applications. With our cloud solutions, employees can work effectively from any location, saving money and time commuting and benefitting the environment.

To effectively work from home, employees will need to ensure they have a suitable workspace and a reliable internet connection. Employers will need to ensure their employees have the technology they require, manageable working patterns and the means to connect with staff and customers. Cloud solutions offer a cost-efficient and secure way to connect employees to the business at any time from any location.

Enabling your employees to work from home using a hosted cloud solution, has been shown to boost productivity, with fewer distractions than the traditional office, reduced staff turnover and lower costs. Whilst employees benefit from the flexibility and lack of commute, saving both money and time giving an improved work-life/balance and employee wellbeing.

5 reasons to move your business to Cloud Solutions using a UK Cloud provider

  • Reduce your operating costs by using the resources of your cloud provider, giving substantial savings through a reduction of spending on equipment.

  • Stay up to date with the latest hardware and software without unexpected investment.

  • Enhanced security - Cloud solutions offer a cost-effective level of enhanced security. Move to the cloud and reduce your GDPR liabilities as a data processor.

  • Access your data from any location at any time, providing truly flexible working allowing employees to experience the best possible work/life balance.

  • IT Support – Cloud hosting solutions mean most of your equipment is virtual, and support of PC’s and printers can be included as part of your cloud services

Enabling employees to work from home or offering hybrid working is a strong business strategy when supported by Cloud Solutions. If you would like to discuss the benefits hosted services can bring to your business, please follow the link

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