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Remote access and VPN security risks

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Remote access risks are responsible for many of the hacking breaches and malware incidents. If your employees are working remotely, you could be in danger. Remote access services are any combination of software and hardware that facilitate remote access connections. Unfortunately, they’re far from safe. As a cloud solutions provider, we’re seeing unprecedented demand for secure and flexible hosted solutions.

Here’s why Firstly, the massive influx of people VPN-ing in is essentially a ton of new vectors for potential malware that could compromise your system. Ordinarily, when an employee is away from the office, the company knows about it and monitors the connection for malware or attackers. Scale this up to the whole firm, do you have teams ready and willing to monitor the connections? Secondly, businesses often struggle to provide employees with work-specific computers. Whilst a VPN or other remote connection itself is secure, you cannot inventory a home computer to ensure it is hardened and maintained like a corporate asset. To make matters worse, home computers are often accessed by multiple people, visiting multiple websites, executing multiple different pieces of software, any of which can infect your computer and network What’s more, the consumer-ready antivirus products on most home computers won’t stop sophisticated hackers targeting your business. Thirdly, remote access software solutions won’t scan the remote computer for viruses or malware - if your home or work PC has been infected, then a hacker can easily access into your system. Finally, employees often connect to unsecured Wi-Fi networks, visit malicious sites, and download hazardous software without knowing. Even if your VPN is secure, the infected machine can grant the hacker access to your private network. Our customers get instant access to: • A highly secure Cloud system with enterprise-level malware protection barrier between the local machine and the Cloud • Unaffected by bandwidth restrictions as the data is never downloaded. The data remains always in the Cloud. • Unlike many remote connections, all the software processes take place directly in the cloud, a secure environment, remaining protected from local machines and security threads on workers' laptops. • Multifactor authentication • Strict backup regimes • Advanced malware protection. • Replication of your local system but in the cloud.

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