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Work from home. Future proof your business

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

1. Move your IT into the cloud

How ready is your business to allow its employees to work from home?

Millions of workers could be told to work from home as the government draws plans to control the effects of Corona Virus. Companies may be ordered to halt unnecessary travel in a social distancing strategy by the government.

Many managers will now worry if productivity takes a hit while workers cannot access the office. The good news is that Cloud Computing and the applications to allow your workforce to effectively work from home, collaborate and communicate away from the office are now both mature and reliable.

Cloud systems allow your users to access data, files and all your business applications in order to contribute anytime, anywhere – dramatically reducing the time spent waiting for information and decisions while people work from home or any other location.

Moreover, how easy is it for your decision-makers to view work and make the necessary decisions if your workforce cannot work in a shared and communal space. Replicate the office at home, the only problem you’ll have is that you’ll have to make your own tea.

2. Kill two birds – protect your business from cyber threats.

Working from home doesn’t mean less security. Cloud provider data centres are monitored 24/7 by cybersecurity experts and intelligent systems that prevent and protect from security breaches. This gives your business easy and inexpensive access to enterprise-level security and expertise for an inexpensive subscription, very difficult to achieve and manage in house.

This means your data and transactions are safeguarded by industry-leading protocols and software. Protection is applied automatically and continually updated to stay ahead of threats. You can also rely on compliance with data transfer and protection legislation including GDPR.

Home desktops are usually more vulnerable to malware and hacking attacks. When working remotely these vulnerabilities can spread to your main system in the office if you don’t have the correct security configuration. Make sure that you work from home with a Cloud Solution that is properly configured to help you reduce risks and increase the security of your entire system.

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