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Why store your data on the Cloud?

What is Cloud Data Storage? Cloud data storage is a computing term which simply means that a businesses’ data in stored on servers that can be accessed remotely via the Internet. These servers are maintained and operated by Cloud Solutions Providers.

Why store your data on the Cloud? Storing your data on the Cloud comes with a number of benefits. Below, we have listed a few of the reasons why storing your data on the cloud can be beneficial to an organisation:

Ease of Access Having your data on the Cloud means that you have the option to access any of your files from any location at any time. As the remote servers are accessed using the Internet, users can use a multitude of devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phone to access their work files.

Disaster Recovery Rotating back-ups are daily Cloud system back-ups that are taken in the background on your network. They are using an enterprise back-up solution and are kept for 30 days with the option to be kept for 180 days or more. This means that the user’s data is securely backed up by the Cloud Solution Provider and is easily accessible should the user require a back-up file.

Security Cloud data back-ups run over a link between our Data Centres so that customer data is backed up to an offsite location. This minimises the risk of the data being compromised. The Cloudsis solution also comes with a state of the art security system that identifies and blocks zero-day threats, viruses, worms, trojan horses, botnets, unknown malware and new infections, on the server before they can even reach the user.

Cost Effective Storing your data on the Cloud means that businesses do not have to spend large amounts of money purchasing IT infrastructure for the sole purpose of backing up and storing their data. They would also be saving money that would have been otherwise used to fund an IT team to look after their IT infrastructure.

In conclusion, businesses will have great accessibility, reliability, improved employee production levels as well as lower overall IT cost, simply by just storing their data on the Cloud.

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