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Signs that it’s time to move to the Cloud

In this modern society, employees cannot function without mobility. Because of this, organisations are constantly trying to implement new and innovative ways in which their employees can carry on working without being confined to the office desk. As such, many organisations have turned towards Cloud computing as a way to boost employee flexibility in the workplace. For organisation who have yet to jump on the trend that is Cloud computing, we have comprised a list of 5 signs that it’s time for the business to make the move.

More users: Cloudsis solutions are meant to accommodate new circumstances easily without big investments. The system is created to adapt to your needs by adding resources as you grow. As such; if your organisation is experiencing rapid growth in terms of gaining more clients and employees, you can trust that the cloud will be flexible enough to accommodate the demand without sacrifices resources.

More Locations: As business increases, your organisation may decide to open up new office locations. With new locations comes the need to invest in the local IT infrastructure to manage all the of the office locations’ on-site services. This process can be complicated and tedious especially for global enterprises. As well as that, the teams in each location will have limited access to their services as soon as they leave the office workspace. With the cloud, organisations can choose to use the Virtual Desktop solution which means that the company can save time and money in regards to IT equipment, they can access their desktops from anywhere at any time using any Citrix compatible device (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS or mobile devices with IOS, Android or Windows Phone).

Old System: Business growth might be good but it puts a real strain on an IT resources that the company might have, especially if they are using a legacy system. This means that for the system to cope with the growing demand, organisations often have to invest money on add-ons and extras to assist the old system. By joining the cloud, organisations are saved from having to purchase new system to replace the old ones, which will in turn will save them money. They also will not have to allocate any manpower towards maintaining the new system as any cloud maintenance is done by the Cloud Solution Provider. This in turn allows them to save time and resources.

More IT Costs: The more IT resources a company uses, the heavier it leans on the IT department to make things happen. From testing out disaster recovery plans, dealing with network issues, system upgrades and day-to-day server maintenance, the IT department ends up eating away at the company budget. With the Cloud, organisation do not need to invest a lot of money on IT teams because most Cloud Solutions are quite easy to set up as most of the hard work is done by the Cloud Provider, making the implementation process straight forward.

If you recognise any of the mentioned above in your organisation signs in your organization, then it just may be time for your business to look into moving to the Cloud. If you are considering moving to the Cloud but you’re not sure on who to go with, why not read out article on what makes a good Cloud Services Provider.

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