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Welcome to Cloudsis

Welcome to the new Cloudsis blog where we hope to help you understand more about not only the Cloudsis solution but also the Pegasus Business Cloud software preloaded as standard in the Cloudsis solution - Pegasus Opera 3, Pegasus XRL and Pegasus CIS-.

So to begin we must understand the question – what is Cloudsis?

Cloudsis is the first fully packaged cloud financial software solution aimed to cater for the mid range marketplace which includes Pegasus Business Cloud software.

An all in one, seamless solution that provides simplicity for the user in both pricing, implementation and ongoing services.

With products like Xero, Kashflow and Intuit Quickbooks catering for the entry level market, Cloudsis have entered the market place at the mid market level where users are looking to expand analytical abilities, make use of functionality such as multi company, multi currency and consolidation tools, and partner with a reseller to achieve goals faster with the right level of ongoing support and training.

It was evident from customer and prospect feedback that the market place above entry level was confusing and often pricing was difficult to understand and left areas of uncertainty for the users trying to source a solution in the simplest fashion.

In many of our sales demonstrations the same question occurred – “how much is it per month?”. This was often a question difficult to answer as you had three areas of pricing to call upon, the cloud platform provider, the software vendor and the service provider for training and implementation.

What we have done in the Cloudsis solution is bring those three elements under one roof so we can offer a succinct per user per month fee , alongside a clear definition of the cost of complimentary services, such as training and consultancy.

Our cloud hosting platform is optimised for use with our chosen business software, Pegasus Opera 3, Pegasus XRL, Pegasus CIS and has been designed to offer the user the simplest routes to going live. In most cases users can be up and running from as little as 5 days from point of Order. With our in house knowledge of migrating data into Pegasus Opera 3, we can provide services to assist the smooth transition from almost any accounting package.

Because there is a fixed monthly fee you can budget in advance and the solution is scalable as you are able to add and remove users as you see fit, safe in the knowledge that there are no hidden setup fees or hardware compatibility issues.

The Cloudsis solution can even be run using a MAC, something usually not possible at this level of solution and also it can be accessed from any internet connection in the world, we have users in Africa, North America and Europe all accessing in the same way as a user in the UK would – no barriers.

To find out more about why this might be the right solution for you why not visit our website – where you will find demonstration videos, live chat functions, pricing grids and technical information.

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