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The five fears of moving your accountancy software into the cloud

In today's blog we are discussing some of the common fears associated around moving your system into the cloud.

As with any change there will always be concerns and often it is difficult to separate the myths from the facts. We've outlined 5 main fears and why you shouldn't be worried any more.

1.Security – How secure is my data?

Placing your data in the cloud moves it outside of your traditional office and means it will be resident in a virtual space in a data centre. The worry is always that somebody will steal your data in the cloud, but what is to stop them doing that in your current Local Area Network which is connected to the outside world everyday, 24/7.

If you are a business with data so secure that there is a constant risk of internet theft or malicious attacks, that threat level doesn’t increase by moving into the cloud.

Most data centres are like small fortresses and create a space where thousands of businesses like yours will choose to deposit their data. It is their sole purpose to protect and maintain that client data and whilst no one can protect you from every threat, they are likely to have more sophisticated protection than your current in house solution.

2.Ownership of data – what if I want to leave the cloud?

Once a system has been moved into the cloud it is very rare for it to need to be moved back to a traditional LAN Server but the great thing about the Cloudsis solution is that you can easily copy the data down to your local drive whenever you wish.

Based on your chosen protocols, you may have access to copy data locally, set off site back ups to run and take away you data at any point.

3.Internet Connection – How good does my internet need to be?

Internet in today's world is an absolute must and largely uptime on connection is very high. There are buildings and pockets of the country that find high speed broadband connection an issue but the system performs adequately via 3g and 4g connections so if your fixed line is terrible you can always try an internet dongle or hotspot type connection. If your looking at midrange solutions however it is unlikely that your internet is so bad that connection will be an issue.

Latency issues – i.e. too many people connecting over the same lines to the same exch