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  • Pegasus Business Cloud

What makes Cloudsis different to other Cloud Solutions?

The Cloudsis solution is aimed at customers looking to purchase software that is situated in the mid range marketplace such as Pegasus Business Cloud which includes Pegasus Opera 3, Pegasus XRL and Pegasus CIS.

So what defines a customer in this sector and what are the sorts of packages they will be looking for?

Typically there is no rule anymore for this sector, with the world shrinking in size and e-commerce breaking down boundaries the traditional landscape has changed and it is no longer easy to spot where the entry level becomes mid range and where the mid range merges with the top tier products.

You will typically find a need for a mid range solutions if you fit the following criteria:

  1. Your current package is no longer providing the information you require

  2. Your business requires more control and internal processes need more automation

  3. Your infrastructure is struggling to cope and your IT spend is steadily increasing

  4. You need to make budgetary decisions over a longer timescale and with more analysis across business sectors and departments.

If this sounds like your company then a mid range software such as Pegasus Opera 3 is correct for you, but there are other factors to consider.

The Cloudsis solution is different because it encompasses all of the elements required to deploy a mid range solution and bundles them into on monthly price. Affordable, scalable and reliable.

Cloudsis customers enjoy the latest Cloud platform, accessible from any internet enabled device. The unique thing about our cloud platform is that you will have administ