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Disaster Recovery in the Pegasus Opera 3 Cloud Solution provided by Cloudsis

One of the most common areas that we find small and medium businesses tend to overlook is backing up their data. After all, why worry? The systems are running fine, as always.

The fact is that because many companies have never been hit with a situation where they have ever needed to revert to back-ups it’s not something that comes to the forefront of their thoughts.

“A recent survey showed that 82% of finance directors understood the importance of taking adequate backups, yet only 17% knew what their own disaster recovery procedures were”

Good disaster recovery planning is vital and with the Cloudsis solution you will have the peace of mind that every evening a complete snapshot of your Pegasus Opera 3 Cloud data is captured which can be restored completely within a couple of hours.

Unlike in a traditional network the system is taking entire snapshots of the hosted data at a binary level, not copying and pasting files to a location. These virtual snapshots can then be redeployed as a whole or as individual files and folders.

On top of this snapshot Cloudsis users also have access to their local drives where backups taken from the Pegasus Opera 3 Backup routine can be saved. It is also ideal for storing word or excel documents for local use in environments where internet connection may not be available – in a plane for instance? When you are back on line the data can simply be copied backup up to the Cloud and it instantly becomes part of the next backup.

The Cloudsis Solution comes with the latest firewall and hosted ESET virus protection software, but in the unlikely event of a ransomware attack such as CryptoLocker, we can simply reset to the moment prior to the attack. In a traditional network there would be potential for new hardware to be installed and the cost of restoring the software from tapes or backup systems.

So by choosing to move into the Cloudsis solution you are actually starting your very own disaster recovery plan, without lifting a finger or listening to any IT jargon! Your Pegasus Opera 3 Cloud data will be always automatically backed up.

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