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Is my Pegasus Opera 3 data secure in the cloud?

This is a question that comes up in just about every demonstration when proposing to move from a Local Area Network (LAN) into a hosted cloud solution.

Let’s attack the issue of security from two perspectives:

Q: How secure is your data in your current LAN?

A: Probably not as secure as you think

In a traditional LAN our Pegasus Opera 3 data is usually protected via a Fire wall and Anti-Virus software selected by your internal or external IT support team.

The points of entry for intrusive attacks are from either the PC, which there may be many or the Server which has a constant connection to the outside world. Now let’s consider if any of your team access the office remotely via their tablets or laptops. You have suddenly exponentially increased the amount of possible entry points for an intrusive attack on your data.

Also there is the risk of Fire, Theft or building damage such as flooding which could attack your LAN.

How big is your IT team? In many instances it may be one or two people and if outsourced then potentially no one is monitoring those points of entry for long periods.

Essentially all the IT teams can do on a LAN is safeguard as best they can and hope to react in time when an inevitable breach occurs as Doris from accounts clicks on a link she shouldn’t have done.

Q: How secure is your data in the Cloudsis solution?

A: Probably about as secure as you can get

The Cloudsis solution is accessed via a secure internet page with a logon and password chosen and managed by the user. No one has access but you.

Every night the basic operating functions are reset to their optimum factory settings, meaning peak, consistent performance as long as you are connected to the web.

Because nothing is dragged down locally to your machine without your choosing it to, it wouldn’t even matter if your machine was riddled with viruses, it would not affect the data held on the cloud, just the local PC.

We only really have one area to protect and that is where Cloudsis have chosen to adopt a hosting strategy with a company who have a Tier one data Fortress, protected with all the latest technology in Virus protection and Firewall security.

Even James Bond will find it very hard to damage your Opera 3 Cloud data.

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