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  • Pegasus Business Cloud

Cloudsis solution provides added value through first class Pegasus Training and Consultancy services

Through its dynamic partnership with Pegasus service provider Intsys UK Ltd, the Cloudsis team are able to offer a product that we feel is the UK’s first all-in-one solution, encompassing product, platform and services in one clear easy to manage monthly price.

Intsys UK Ltd have been providing services to the Pegasus Opera 3 user community since the 1990’s and in 2012 became the UK’s first Pegasus Centre of Excellence, the highest reseller standard achievable.

With a base in South West London they have offered training not only to the UK marketplace but also in as far flung places as Hawaii, New York, Sierra Leone, Cyprus and Nigeria.

With a proactive approach to support they have managed to position themselves as market leaders in providing not only traditional services but also cloud based services.

With the ability to provide Pegasus Opera 3 Training and Consultancy anywhere in the world via the web, Intsys have widened their sphere of influence beyond the traditional territories for Pegasus products and in doing so reached a higher lever of experience and expertise in both user training, migration and consultancy services.

Cloudsis users have access to competitively priced telephone support for the full suite of Pegasus products.

They also enjoy the availability of immediate Opera 3 Training and Consultancy resource. Services can be provided over the web, on a client site or at our Wimbledon training rooms.

Intsys Support Team staff have to abide by rigorous training protocols to maintain their Centre of Excellence status, including a three week residential course with over 12 online exams before their initial accreditation level is reached. Intsys currently hold 6 fully accredited members of staff with a combined 50 plus years of experience providing Pegasus services and support.

Cloudsis started experimenting with the cloud in 2005, building one of the first Pegasus cloud platforms and removing its in house servers and embracing virtualisation whilst many firms were still sceptical about security and reliability. This early adoption has placed Cloudsis in a unique position of being market leaders in what is fast becoming a platform that is the norm for new and existing Pegasus users.

To find out more about our services why not get in touch with the team and we would be happy to book you in.

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