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The CASE for cloud accounting software in four easy steps

The cloud technology revolution hasn’t just begun, its in full swing and companies that are not embracing this new technology are falling behind. In this article we put forward our very simple C.A.S.E. for why you need to join in:

COSTS The simple fact is that hardware cannot keep up with consumer demand for ever larger data consumption and the need for faster and faster access to information, through a variety of platforms and media. That server you bought last year is already obsolete and your IT department are never going to stop spending as the pressure on them to deliver the “latest and greatest” tools for your workforce increases.

With fixed monthly costs and scalable resources available the cloud negates the need for large capital expenditure on in house equipment, not to mention the energy cost savings on not having to air condition the server rooms 24 hours a day.

Ease of budgeting, ease of maintenance, lower IT overheads – over the long term it simply makes good financial sense.

ACCESSIBILITY Your staff need to be motivated to work harder than ever in these changeable times, and with often both members of the traditional family unit having to work long hours, being able to provide instant flexibility for your staff to work from anywhere with an internet connection allows you access to the brightest and most talented staff members without compromising on output.

SECURITY As long as you select a reputable company to host your online software your security should improve by being in the cloud.

Your current traditional network is only as secure as the local in house team can make it, and with micromanaging IT all across your business, do they have the focus, time or resource to be on top of all the latest security threats and virus protection protocols.

Your online hosting company will specialise in this and also you’ll eliminate the threat of physical theft and damage from fire or flood.

With rolling snapshot backups you’ll also improve your disaster recovery plans as well.

EFFICIENCY The combination of more security and a stable well resourced environment coupled with flexible working patterns and happier and healthier staff should inevitably drive efficiency savings across your business.