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Already in the Cloud? Why the Pegasus Business Cloud may still be right for your business

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

According to a Gartner survey taken in 2016, nearly 48% of businesses in the UK are accessing or interfacing with cloud technology to some extent already.

If your business has moved to a cloud platform but is thinking of switching your finance software you shouldn’t only be looking at “on premise” solutions to place in your cloud infrastructure.

Whilst the cost of letting someone else host your software when you have already invested in an in house cloud platform may seem illogical, many people are finding that a multi-cloud approach deployed in the right fashion can have a variety of benefits.

If we take the mid range solution Pegasus Opera 3 as an example – we have packaged an all in one online version called the Pegasus Business Cloud.

This is a fully optimised public facing online version of the accounting suite, pre loaded with all the features expected within a cloud platform – 30 day rolling backups, licencing, maintenance and Virus protection included.

Of course you already have all of these things at your current site so all you need is the software. But that isn’t the whole story. Many mid range software packages are made of a collection of software modules and apps, each needing particular levels of permission and exclusions from virus scanning and live backups to run in their optimised fashion.

It is the word “optimised” that is key here.

Your IT department will be able to deploy software into your cloud environment but the might not be able to give you the sort of administrative rights to utilise all of its features in the manner intended by the software house.

Also by bringing it in house you will be placing it in an environment with your other apps making upgrades and installations more time consuming as people may have to exit the cloud to allow this to happen. By keeping it isolated it can be upgraded and maintained without disruption to other parts of the business.

For the multi-cloud system to work it must have one element and that is ease of integration. This is where many vendors fall down, by not allowing third party apps into the public server setup this can make the product isolated and cause duplication of effort.

With the Pegasus Business Cloud solution you get full administrative access to the main server and can deploy third party software and request port opening for third party connections.

At Cloudsis we have been championing the Cloud for over a decade and have all the experience required to deploy the correct solution for your business, whether it is multi-cloud, full cloud or published applications. Couple with our experienced migration services we can answer any question and manage any size of deployment.

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