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  • Pegasus Business Cloud Team

Pegasus Business Cloud offers users seamless integration with Microsoft Office software

When you are considering upgrading to, or purchasing, mid-range accountancy software you need to be certain you are buying into a total solution that will integrate to all parts of your company.

The Pegasus Business Cloud comes fully integrated with the industry leading Microsoft Office Professional package allowing users full integration with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook.

Seamless integration with a familiar software, such as Microsoft Office, allows users to gain an immediate understanding of the platform and means they can start being productive and utilising the software with the minimum of training required.

This integration with Microsoft Office unlocks the full potential of Pegasus Opera 3 by allowing you to perform the following tasks:

  • Email Quotes\Orders\Delivery Notes\Invoices directly to customers

  • Email Purchase orders directly to suppliers

  • Raise quotes and sales bulletins and literature via Pegasus CRM

  • Bulk email your customers

  • Email payslips

  • Utilise the “Straight to Excel” reports from Opera 3

  • Utilise the award winning Business Intelligence tool Infor Query & Analysis (formerly known as XRL or Vision)

  • Send statements and remittances via email

  • Collaborate spreadsheets and Word templates via the favourites menu

  • Quickly deliver copy Invoices via email to ensure faster credit control

All of this coupled with a cloud platform that allows users the freedom to connect and interact with their core bus