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  • Pegasus Business Cloud Team

3 Cloud trends that are on the rise

Cloudsis have been at the forefront of Pegasus Opera 3 Cloud hosting and other web based hosted applications since the early 2000’s. Being early pioneers we have been through some uncertain waters but the cloud is now a permanent fixture in the business world and with the business hardware market in free fall as companies as large as Toshiba on the brink of collapse, the future of the cloud seems strong.

But what are the innovation arcs hitting the marketplace in the coming years. We look ahead to 2020 and try to predict some moderate trends that have been on our radar for some time but are now starting to gain more traction in the business world.

Trend 1 – Growing adoption of hybrid and multi cloud platforms

Having you own private cloud requires expertise and cash for infrastructure, without these things you will generally fail and fall back into old network utilisation, blaming the cloud when really it is in nearly all cases a lack of proper focused investment that leads to failure.

Hybrid clouds can be a more expensive option but with all of the maintenance and upkeep usually contained within the fixed monthly costs, having your business separated into multiple managed cloud offerings can be a savvy option. In most environments the monthly upkeep of a cloud web based application is less than employing someone to manage a private environment – and if your not happy with the service – switch to a provider who offers a better deal.

Trend 2 – BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

At Cloudsis we saw this trend on the horizon as the increase of smart phone and tablets and smartbooks increased in the workplace. We recently visited a client who had provided staff incentives to let staff invest in the technology they wanted rather than being forced to use their office PC.

As their Cloudsis network was omnipotent of the local environment all they managed locally was an internet connection to the building and a Printer. The office have 10 MACbooks, a surface Pro and 3 lenovo smartpads, all mixed together and all working on the same network with no fuss. The staff are happy and feel energised as they can have their own media and files stored on their machines and they own equipment that is a higher spec than they may otherwise have been able to afford.

Imagine you have 10 employees. You offer them £1000 per year to invest in equipment to use at work – they can add they own money to purchase higher grade or take the remaining money to purchase accessories such as headphones or tablets.

That’s cost you 12,000 – each device can be easily maintained as all that is required is an internet connection. If the device fails the employee can easily replace at the end of the year as they know they have a set fee for upgrading /maintaining their equipment each year.

A recent survey showed that staff in these types of schemes actually treated their equipment with more respect than with provided equipment as there was more of a sense of ownership and responsibility toward maintaining the equipment.

Its not right for everyone but vs the maintenance cost of maintaining an in house IT maintenance team and equipment budget, it is starting to look more and more appealing as a mainstream option.

Trend 3 – Utilising Cloud Brokerage Services

The rise of Cloud Brokerages are meaning that sifting through the massive range of services available is not necessary – get an expert provider like Cloudsis to provide optimised solutions for your web based Pegasus Opera 3 software and take the stress out of the search!

The overriding culture change with all of these topics is that there are experts out there providing services at fixed costs allowing you to budget ahead and reduce the immediate capital expenditure associated with infrastructure deployment. The Cloud was always meant to be simple, don’t over-complicated things by trying to be clever, let others with the experience and built in infrastructure guide you to the best market solutions.

Cloudsis are a Cloud hosting provider specialising in financial software for the SME marketplace.

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