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Why you should join the cloud

The cloud gives users the freedom to access their data from any location at any time, which in turn allows organisations to achieve truly flexible working, which then provides the potential for the best work/life balance.

For example; the recent bad weather conditions saw many people fall victim to travel disruptions, which in turn meant that a lot of the UK populations missed work days as they had no way of getting to and from work.

The Cloudsis Cloud comes in two options; you can get the Applications option where your accounting solutions are presented as Apps within a centralised server accessible via internet. Or you can get the Virtual Desktop option where a desktop similar to the one on your local, is created within a secure server also accessible by internet.

You also have the option to migrate your old Exchange server to Office 365 and enjoy your cloud email everywhere with built-in security and continuous compliance.

With the Cloudsis solutions, users can have VOIP which allows you to use your office extension on any device via the Skype for Business App. Make, receive, and transfer business calls in the office, at home, or on the road using phone, PC, and mobile.

So with Cloud computing users can still continue to have a productive work day without having to step foot outside their door.

Cloudsis is a UK Cloud Solutions Provider located in London. For more information please visit our dedicated website.

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