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Working from home with Cloud solutions

Who benefits?

As an employer, having employees working from home with Cloud Solutions seems like a win win situation.

First off, you will be saving tons of money on office space and you also get wider access to the talent pool as you will not be restricted by candidates’ location. You are also more likely to experience higher employee productivity as a results of your employees being able to work form anywhere at any time.

Employees also benefit economically by working remotely. Below are a list of benefits employees can expert as a result of being on the Cloud:

Save on money

According to statistics the average UK employee spends £146 a month commuting with workers travelling into London spending an average of £305 a month.

Using Cloud Solutions such us Cloud Applications or Cloud Desktops however, employees do not have to worry about spending hundreds of pounds monthly getting to work as they can easily work from the comfort of their own home.

Not only do they get to save money on commuting, they also get to save on those expensive Starbucks or Costa coffees as well as the work lunches.

Presumably, an employee would buy lunch and coffee every weekday averaging at £45 a week (assuming that a lunch purchase is £9 on average). Even if it’s not every day that they purchase lunch and coffee, it’s probably more often that it would be if they worked from home and made lunch at home rather than buying it.

Save on time

On average, employees within the UK spend up to 54 minutes travelling to and from work. So even if somehow it costs an employee nothing to commute to work and back, the time alone spent travelling is not something you can gain back.

Employees who have the benefit of being on the Cloud get to save a considerable amount of hours each year from not having to commute to work.

For example, if it took an employee and hour each way to commute to work, if they worked remotely via Cloud Solutions, they save 2 hours daily which they could then use on their own terms.

Overall Impression

Overall the Cloud increases employees’ quality of life as they get to save money and time which they can then use to improve their social life i.e. they could treat themselves to a movie, sports events or even treat yourself to a little shopping spree.

Embrace the technological possibilities brought by Cloud Solutions and help your employees to strike a perfect work-life balance, increasing productive and employee retention.

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