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Cloudsis Graphic Design Cloud

What is it? With Cloud Computing gaining more presence in today’s day-to-day work life, providing Cloud Solutions that can accommodate multiple industries has been Cloudsis’ main priority. In their bid to cater to all, Cloudsis have developed a Cloud Solution with NVIDIA Virtual GPU (vGPU). This means that by using the Graphic Design Cloud, users are able to utilise optimised graphics features for 3D engineering and or/ design software normally used by designers, architects and engineers who require systems with more advanced graphical capabilities.

How does it work? In Layman’s terms, the Graphic Design Cloud uses a special NVIDIA Graphic card which is installed in our Data Centre and virtualisation software which includes graphics drivers for evert VM. As the work that would typically be done by the CPU is offloaded to the GPU, the user has a much better experience whilst using the Graphic version of the Cloudsis Cloud. This cloud solution allows for demanding engineering and creative applications to be supported within its environment.

Benefits? Performance- The Graphic Design Cloud offers consistent performance with guaranteed quality of service. The NVIDIA Virtual GPU implemented within this solution is the most advanced technology with the ability to Amp up the power of your VDI environment whilst delivering superior experience to every user. This system is designed to deliver the highest levels of performance, flexibility, manageability and security. Innovation- With the Graphic Design Cloud, you get regular cadence of new software releases to ensure that you stay on top of the latest features and enhancements. This solution also comes with the availability of new virtualization software capabilities with the NVIDIA virtual GPU which includes improved data centre management with support for live migration of GPU-accelerated virtual machines.

Who benefits? Today’s virtual desktops and applications require graphics acceleration for a native, PC experience. As a Cloud Specialist provider Cloudsis provides a Graphic Cloud that allows us to bring GPU acceleration to every virtualized user. It’s the ideal way to extend the reach of your VDI investment and give every user a native, PC experience that meets the needs of today’s graphic-intensive applications.

Applications implemented by Cloudsis Some of the applications that have been implemented in the Graphic Design Cloud have been: Aucocad, Autodesk, Sketchup Pro, Rhinoceros, Microstation and Vectorworks among others. If you are interested in virtualising any software which requires special graphic capabilities, contact us and a Cloudsis Specialist will get back to you to assess your requirements and advise on the best Cloud Solution for your company.

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