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How safe is the Cloud?

Introduction: Due to increasingly powerful connectivity, many businesses are now able to access their day to day applications and services through the Web. What many people do not realise is that this is an example of cloud Computing. Although using the Cloud is a flexible and cost effective option, some organisations are still unsure about making the move due to doubts about the safety of the Cloud. Here at Cloudsis we have comprised a few reasons why your data is safe with a Cloud Solutions provider like us..

Cyber Security: Cloudsis offers a High-Level cyber security solution that enables the user to design and implement a coherent and comprehensive suite of information security controls and/or other forms of risk treatment (such as risk avoidance or risk transfer) to address those risks that are deemed unacceptable. As the Cloud is also an automated solution always active, the implemented Cyber Security solution provided by Cloudsis is designed to work continuously recognising and resolving security threats quickly and efficiently. Cloudsis also works with an ISO accreditation provider to showcase that we are Information Security Management System certified.

Physical Hardware Security: It is vital that the Cloud provider holds the data in a safe environment. Cloudsis Data Centres are UK based with the primary data centre being in Croydon and the secondary data centre in Maidenhead. The site where the data centre is located comes with data centre multi-level security controls that prevent unauthorised access to the site, buildings and data halls as well as to the rack housings themselves. There are systems in place to identify and react to threats, so the infrastructure is protected from theft, damage or interference. To eliminate risk caused by outage or power failure, the site uses diverse supplier feeds from multiple grid points ensuring there is no single point of failure. The site provides N+1 redundant power systems and power feeds up to 30Kw 3 phase per rack to ensure continuous power.

Resilience & Continuity Cloudsis Data Centre supplier utilises IBM Storage Area Network (SAN) systems which means that if one physical machine fails then the second system kicks in without interruption to the service. There is also a strict back-up regime where a full daily back-up is taken and kept for a rotating 30-day cycle. A traditional back-up is also taken and the secondary SAN unit stores these daily back-ups using an enterprise back-up solution which is based on Veeam. These back-ups run over our link between our Data Centres so that customer data is backed up to an offsite location.

Protect your local infrastructure Even though your data might be safe within the cloud due to it having security controls governing its services that are periodically updated to tackle new threats, data encryption and sharding; your local network could still be at risk, and it is vital to protect it and analyse the behaviour of all the connected devices to detect possible anomalies. Cloudsis provides a physical hardware network security solution that gives users the option to manage internet access, wifi networks, increase efficiency within their businesses, set policies by user, group, device, time and more. See who's doing what when accessing your network and restrict access to websites and specific devices, such as personal mobile phones. The physical hardware security can be added as extra re-enforcement against any cyber security attacks.

Conclusion: Being on the Cloud also offers organisations the option to transfer some of the responsibility to the Cloud solutions provider. It means that companies can sleep easy knowing that their provider will ensure that their data is protected at all times. For smaller businesses this means that by transferring some of the responsibility to the Cloud Provider, they do not have to arrange and manage their own security measure which would prove a very expensive and time consuming process. In addition, it can be very expensive for organisations to build their very own secure infrastructure from scratch, therefore by joining the Cloud, you eliminate the need to do so. In conclusion, Cloudsis Network Security solutions are cost effective and time saving tools that will make keeping your data safe seem as easy as pie.

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