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Cloud Computing Solutions VS Self-Hosted Windows Remote Desktops / Terminal services

With current social Trends leaning towards a more convenient mode of working i.e. working from home and working on the go, businesses might be wondering if they should join the Cloud or purchase and configure their own self-hosted remote desktop infrastructure based in Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

Although quite similar, Cloud Computing and Remote Desktop Services offer solutions that differ from each other based on various factors such as your organisation’s size, software integration policies and security guidelines. Main differences exist in the power, reliability, and security between storage services, and knowing these differences can help you decide which service best suits your needs and expectations.

Most Cloud Solutions can be obtained on a subscription basis. They are also quite easy to set up as most if the hard work is done by the Cloud Provider, making the implementation process straight forward. Because of their simplicity in terms of set-up, Cloud Computing tools can meet the needs of either a one-man business, a Small to Medium Enterprise and large organisations as well.

However, Self-Hosted Remote Desktop products require a higher level of configuration, support and IT knowledge. They mainly cater to the budgets of large scale organisations as they tend to be more costly.

To put it simply, Cloud Solutions could be right fit for you if:

  • Your IT Budget to spend on additional hardware and IT Support is limited.

  • You want to be able to connect remotely and securely to your system at any time and from anywhere, without being bound by hardware restrictions.

  • You need your system to grow with your company without significant investments

  • You’re a small business or have a small IT Team and don’t have the necessary resources to deploy and maintain a self-hosted solution without compromising security.

So why should you join the Cloudsis Cloud instead of having Self-Hosted Remote Desktops?

Cloud computing tools are much more intuitive and they require far less IT Support to configure and operate.

Cloudsis Cloud Solutions can be purchased on a scalable subscription basis which means that users can choose to increase number of users or terminate the subscription as and when they need to without incurring the full costs of a self-hosted solution.

When purchasing a Cloudsis Solution, users also receive Cloud Support from the Cloud Provider reducing the need of local IT Support to the minimum, as you only have to maintain your PCs. On the contrary Self-Hosted Remote Desktops increase the need for IT Support, increasing also your fixed costs which are not scalable to adapt to the growth of your company.

Cloudsis offers a High-Level cyber security solution which allows us to design and implement a coherent and comprehensive suite of information security controls and/or other forms of risk treatment (such as risk avoidance or risk transfer) to address those risks that are deemed unacceptable. With the Cloud, the client data is kept secure without all of the liability being held on the company.

Cloud Solutions have been designed to ensure Business Continuity even in the worst scenarios. There is a strict back-up regime where a full daily back-up is taken and kept for a rotating 30-day cycle. A traditional back-up is also taken and the secondary IBM Storage Area Network (SAN) unit stores these daily back-ups using an enterprise back-up solution which is based on Veeam. These back-ups run over our link between our Data Centres so that customer data is backed up to an offsite location. In addition to our own procedures, we also supply an optional Recovery OneDrive service, which can be used independently by our clients to backup selective data automatically. Our technology ensure that the selected folders are automatically transferred from your Cloud Server to your OneDrive account every day giving you direct access to the most sensitive data at all times.Even in the worst disaster scenario, you can have immediate access to your most important data.

Cloud desktops are protected by multiple layers of encryption and also physical hardware security such us fire detection and suppression systems, ultra fast connectivity, anti power failure systems and generators, etc. which makes them very secure and reliable. Unlike having physical servers at your office for your self-hosted remote desktops, which won’t work when a power issue occurs at your company or there are unexpected server interruptions, Cloud Solutions can use shared resources even when such problems occur to ensure that your business is not affected.

As the entire cloud system is designed to be virtual it has its own dedicated Cloud Server which is accessible for users through the web and accessible from almost every OS including MAC, Linux, Android or IOs among others. Whereas Self-Hosted remote desktops installed on the same server may affect users performance and have hardware limitations..

As Cloud computing is Web-Based, user data can be accessed, used or updated at the speed of your connection from anywhere at any time. This gives the users the flexibility to work as and when they want to.

Many Small to Medium Enterprises have already chosen Cloudsis as their Cloud Solution Provider. Find out more about Cloudsis and the solutions they offer here, and be sure to try Cloud Computing with our FREE 5 Day Trial.

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