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Network Security: How can Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) benefit from it?

Network Security is becoming increasingly important due to new threats appearing daily. However some small businesses are failing to grasp the importance of investing in a Network Security Solution. A few Small to Medium Enterprises understand the importance of Network Security however due to limited budgets or IT Staff, they struggle with acquiring the right solutions for them. As a result, these business become more vulnerable to security breaches i.e. Cyber Attacks causing severe bad reputation, loss of reputation and in the worst case scenario could lead to the business closing down within a few months of the Cyber Attack happening.

As an SME owner, it is imperative to know the basics of how Network Security works and the common threats against Network Security, as well as the many benefits that Network Security provides to businesses.

What is Network Security? In simple terms, Network security refers to any action that is taken to protect the company’s network and its data. When using hardware and software, Network Security solutions’ job is to discover and stop a variety of cyber threats before they can even enter and spread throughout your network. Cloudsis’ Network Security solution offers multiple layers of security, which consists of high-level cyber security, firewall and auditing as well as malware protection.

What are the common Network Security threats? Network Security solutions help defend your business against a variety of network security threats such as viruses, spyware, ransomware and adware otherwise all known as Malware (Malicious Software). Malware can install itself through email and website visits without the users knowing. Once installed, it can scan your network for any sensitive information available such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and passwords. Professional hackers are also another threat towards Network Security. Hackers are constantly finding innovative ways to break into networks. Once your network has been breached, all the data stored on your network, including critical company and customer data is easily available to them. Ransomware can encrypt all your system forcing you to stop your operations unless you pay for the release of your data. Zero-day attacks (an attack where a weakness in software is exploited by a hacker) are also significant for Small to Medium Enterprises. This means that while you wait for your antivirus developer to send out a patch to fix the vulnerability in their software, the malware in your system will have full, unlawful access to user information.

What are the benefits of Network Security to SMEs? As a small/medium business, there are a number of important ways in which you can benefit from having a Network Security Solution. An effective Network Security system can:

  • Help your business comply with government and industry specific regulations i.e. GDPR

  • Scale quickly and easily according to the ever changing needs of your business.

  • Boost client and consumer confidence that their sensitive information is protected.

  • Reduce the fallout from security breaches, including legal action that can bankrupt your business.

  • Shorten the recovery time should a security breach occur.

  • Protect IoT (internet of things) devices connected to your network.

  • Protect your WiFi networks

All it takes is one network security breach to derail a Small to Medium Enterprise for weeks or months. This breach can destroy your business’ reputation and even result in legal action or bankruptcy. Simply put, the time to explore your network security options is before an attack occurs. The good news is, network security is more affordable than you might think and Cloudsis offer plans designed to meet the unique needs of small businesses based on the number of devices connected to your network. For more information, please refer to the Cloudsis Network Security Website or contact us at

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