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Cloud Desktop VS Cloud Hosted Apps: What is the difference?

What is Cloudsis?

Cloud computing offers solutions based on the internet. Previously people ran applications/ programs from software installed physically on their computer or server within their building. The Cloud allows people access to the same kinds of applications via the internet.

Some of the most common examples are, online banking, social media as well as business applications like Office 365 or web-based email solutions; is the same as using Cloud Computing.

Desktop VS Apps, What is the difference?

The Cloudsis Virtual Desktop is very much like your local computer, it’s designed to mimic your local Windows desktop making it seem that you have just logged into your computer instead of the Cloud. The Cloud desktop can be maximised on your screen so it looks like if you are using a normal Windows Desktop but in reality you are in the cloud. Your local desktop remains behind and you can interact with it from the cloud.

In this case both programs and Windows desktop are located in the cloud.

Cloudsis Hosted Apps however are slightly different from the cloud desktop. Similar to the Apps on your mobile phone i.e Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter, the cloud applications give the impression that they are a normal application open on your local machine when they are actually open within the Cloud.

In this case you use cloud apps open on your local Windows desktop.

Both of these platforms are able to host almost any third party application securely within Cloud and they come with extra services like advanced security, firewall, cloud drive, 30 days backup and much more. Please visit our dedicated site for further details.

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